Boori Monty Pryor, the inaugural Australian Children’s Laureate and
celebrated author, performer and poet invites you to join him to...

“spread the write words to make ours a nation of readers and storytellers!”

Boori would love to know…

• When did you tell your first story?
• Do you know the footsteps you’ve been walking on?
• What is the story from your place?
• Do you know the stories of where you come from?
Have you met Boori? - If Boori has come to your school or you've read one of his books, we love to hear 'the story' of your experience too.

A story can be told in many different forms – writing; illustrations; films; paintings;
photographs; animation; performance; poetry; sculpture. How would you tell your story?


If you would like to get involved please use this wikispace for ideas and inspirations and download the project sheet below:

To learn about the inaugural Australian Children’s Laureate and what they will be doing
over the next two years, as well as finding out how to become a ‘story teller’ yourself,


To have your own stories posted on the Australian Children’s Laureate website email them to Australian Children’s Laureate Project Manager Justine Alltimes at

*Boori will share the position of the Inaugural Australian Children’s Laureate with Alison Lester during 2012 and 2013